NetworkManager, PXE, TFTP and Debian Installer

When you have a laptop that you want to install Debian on and an Ethernet cable, but don't have a USB stick or CD-RW, etc...

In nm-connection-editor, edit the wired connection. Set Method to "Shared to other computers". By itself, this causes NetworkManager to fire up a dnsmasq process that will provide a DHCP server and a DNS proxy.

Now we need to enable dnsmasq's TFTP server and set a DHCP option to give the client the name of the file to retrieve from the server. Fortunately, NetworkManager thoughtfully launches dnsmasq with a useful option:

/usr/sbin/dnsmasq [...] --conf-dir=/etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq-shared.d

All we need to do is create /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq-shared.d/d-i:


(... and bring the wired connection down and up again).

Now we head to and hit the amd64 link under "other images". This takes us off to a mirror with a directory listing. We go to the netboot directory and grab netboot.tar.gz. Unpacking that within /tmp/tftp should be all we need!

Alternatively it seems I could have just installed debian-installer-10-netboot-amd64 and pointed dnsmasq at /usr/lib/debian-installer/images/10/amd64/text. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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