The long-awaited official packages of Podman for Debian are sitting in the NEW queue. They won't appear in unstable until the Until the ftpmasters approve them.

In the mean time, here's how to build and install the packages on your own machine:

If you don't use git-buildpackage already:

# apt-get install git-buildpackage

# git-pbuilder create

Prepare the source code for building:

$ mkdir -p ~/src/libpod

$ cd ~/src/libpod

$ git clone

$ cd libpod

$ git remote add -f upstream

Finally, build and install packages:

$ git buildpackage --git-pbuilder --git-upstream-tag=v1.6.4`

# debi

# apt -f install


$ podman version
Version:            1.6.4
RemoteAPI Version:  1
Go Version:         go1.14.2
OS/Arch:            linux/amd64

With many thanks to Dmitry Smirnov for doing a thorough job of packaging Podman properly!

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